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[:en]IAS-Research Talk by Mª José Ferreira: "Disentangling ... ...2017-05-10
Seminar on "The history and theory of vitalism, ... ...2017-05-02
IAS-Research Talks by Charles Wolfe (Gent) and ... ...2017-05-01
Talk by Davide Vecchi: "Challenging the consensus: ... ...2017-04-05
IAS-Research Talk by Davide Vecchi: "Biological ... ...2017-03-24


Dear participants,

just a quick post to let you know that tomorrow morning there will be indications (both outside and inside the Miramar Palace) to guide you to the hall where the lectures will take place. We will be waiting for you from 9h am just before the hall to give you the badges and material. See you tomorrow!

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