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[:en]IAS-Research Talk by Mª José Ferreira: "Disentangling ... ...2017-05-10
Seminar on "The history and theory of vitalism, ... ...2017-05-02
IAS-Research Talks by Charles Wolfe (Gent) and ... ...2017-05-01
Talk by Davide Vecchi: "Challenging the consensus: ... ...2017-04-05
IAS-Research Talk by Davide Vecchi: "Biological ... ...2017-03-24

Digital Library – Scientific File Sharing

A huge digital library will be available around the main welcome desk of the Summer School, it contains 18,004 items, totalling 49.6 GB of textbooks, journal papers, documentaries, audio lectures, etc.. Feel free to copy from the folder entitled “digital-library” and contribute you own material and files to the folder entitled “CONTRIBUTE_HERE” 😉

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