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IAS-Research Talk by Mihaela Pavlicev: "Can knowledge help ... ...2017-11-24
IAS-Research Seminar by Guglielmo Militello: "Harnessing ... ...2017-11-06
IAS-Research Talk by Javier Suárez: "Stability of Traits as ... ...2017-10-20
IAS-Research Talk by Marc Canciani: "Revising the ... ...2017-10-20
IAS-Research Talk by Marc Bedau: "The meta-question about ... - ...2017-10-16

Archive for October, 2010


Dear all, as promised, we just uploaded the files with several presentations given at the summer school. You will find them in the “Resources” page. We are in late because unfortunately the computer, in which the files with all presentations were initially saved, has been stolen. We will upload the missing presentations upon reception. Best wishes.

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